PSCORE is an NGO based in Seoul that is devoted to raising awareness about North Korean human rights. Founded by a Native North Korean, PSCORE has presented at the United Nations and universities around world. Its vision is to see Korea reunified, and it recognizes the need to help Native North Koreans integrate in South Korea. Those who have adapted in South Korea can help bridge the cultural gap during reunification.

I have presented this work to my students, as well as students in the Design for Social Justice class at the University at Buffalo.

ClientPSCORE (People for Successful Corean Reunification)
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Awareness Campaign Posters

my collaboration with Raphael: cherub Kim Il Sung

These posters are selections from a campaign that PSCORE launched based on their book, Forced to Hate: North Korea’s Education System. The campaign exposes the reality of North Korean education by sharing stories of North Korean refugees. The posters I designed are a combination of my illustrations and appropriations of North Korean propaganda. Thirty A1-sized posters were displayed at multiple events around the streets and underground subway stops of Seoul from 2017–2018. (event pictures by PSCORE)

The Faceless Ones Campaign

These graphics were posted on PSCORE’s social media pages to raise awareness about North Korean human rights. This campaign uses quotes from and promotes PSCORE’s book, The Faceless Ones (the stories of North Korean defectors with no other choice). The graphics include satellite imagery from North Korea that I screen captured from Google Earth. Each person’s story from North Korea, previously unheard, is on the grid. Now the world can see the world they came from through this kind of storytelling.

Book Cover Design

This book helps defectors integrate in South Korea while they learn English through PSCORE’s education program. I took a minimal design approach and employed the culturally unifying traditional obangsaek (오방색) color palette to help make the book approachable.


The book below shares defectors’ experiences from within the North Korean education system. Illustration by Jeon Chong-ho and design by Christina Singer. (event pictures by PSCORE)

Indie Rock Benefit Concert Poster

I researched and appropriated North Korean propaganda for this poster design. I erased the weapons and replaced them with musical instruments and added the background graphics and typography. The indie rock benefit concert took place in Hongdae, a hipster, shopping, and busking neighborhood in Seoul. This poster was printed and shared on social media. (event pictures by PSCORE)

UN Event Program

PSCORE hosted a side event at the 34th regular session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. This is the program I designed to be distributed and projected at the event. (event pictures by PSCORE)

PSCORE’s 10th Anniversary White Paper

These pages are excerpts from PSCORE’s 10th Anniversary White Paper. I designed the layouts and created the graphics. This is a PDF meant to be viewed as if reading a book on the computer or printed on A4 paper.