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GK Leotards Stretch First Campaign

multi-flash photography + design

I grew up in the world of USA Gymnastics. From the chalk to the bloody hands, I still have vivid flashbacks of moments at practice and competitions. I briefly coached beginner gymnasts during undergrad. I campaigned for more time conditioning and stretching my girls at the gym to build them up to be stronger so they would not get injured. The head coaches wouldn’t listen to me, though. To entertain parents, they wanted my time spent working on harder skills with the girls rather than stretching properly. I quit coaching based on principle. This creative project focuses on a campaign to “stretch first.”

Steam Bentwood Sculpture

8″ × 7″ × 1′

I made this sculpture after recovering from a back injury. The curves represent vertebrae. 

Alabaster Sculpture

5″ × 3.25″ × 8.5″

Vino Rosso di Capri Label

illustration + design + product shot

After a summer abroad in Italy, I was inspired by the architecture and natural landscape of the coastlines. The rocky ledges and islands surrounding Capri informed this piece. 


package: Christina Singer; ceramic house: Paige Ward
laser cut package design; imagery: historical map of Chattanooga, TN (image courtesy of the Library of Congress)
Paige and Christina are from Tennessee. The materials Paige used for the ceramic house are from Tennessee, and the imagery Christina used for the package design is of her hometown in Tennessee. This piece was exhibited at Wuhan Textile University in China and at the University of Florida.

Good Things Come in Small Packages is an international collaborative exhibition exchange between UF SA+AH’s areas of Ceramics and Graphic Design with Wuhan Textile University College of Art’s areas of Design Sculpture (Ceramics) and Graphic Design.” (2016 press release by project coordinator and UF professor, Anna Calluori Holcombe)