student work

I have had the honor of working with students from over 20 countries and from across the USA at The University of Tampa as a professor of design since 2018.

Graphic Design 2

COVID-19 Social Media Motion Graphics

View the press release about this project with the City of Tampa: University of Tampa Students Create #FaceTheFactsTPA and #HappyAtHomeTPA Designs in Partnership with the City of Tampa.

User Interface and Experience Design

I walk my students through a UI design process and some UX design methodologies. Students write project briefs and construct brand elements, app prototypes, and website prototypes based on the user personas they create from their user research. Students have small group critiques throughout the project to iterate their designs and concepts. Process posters and demo videos are used for final critique.

Uniblend designs by Ricardo Da Silva Alexandre

27 Outs designs by Conner Greene

Vyb designs by Johanno Nimmo

vira:go designs by Mia Johansen

GAMIX designs by Kalista Smith

Product + Package + Brand

Students use digital fabrication tools to design and produce a product that they brand and package. Additionally, they must write a fictional brand story and supplement the piece with at least two brand extensions.

designs by Taylor McCormick

above designs by Mai Reyna

designs by Brooke Rogers

above designs by Monica Suarez Argudin

above designs by Conner Greene

above designs by Johanna Nimmo

above designs by Ricardo Da Silva Alexandre

above designs by Mason Bray

above designs by Maria McGee (coaster), Samantha O’Donnell (lamp), Steph Schaffer (incense), and Michael Acampora (wine)

The Graphic Enneagram

I am an enneagram type 8. The enneagram is a powerful tool that aids in self-awareness and team building. Since empathy is at the forefront of any good design, I use this introductory project to learn more about my students and for them to learn more about themselves and each other. Students are tasked with learning about and representing each of the 9 enneagram types as a cohesive visual system, and contextualizing their piece for real-world application.

above design by Maria Jimenez

designs by Imaeyen Effiong

above design by Mia Johansen

above design by Diana Rogaten

above design by Mai Reyna

above design by Ava Pierce

above design by Sarah Krolik

above design by Regina Acra Martinez

above design by Johanna Nimmo

above design by Hayden Skaggs

above designs by Helen Trascritti

above designs by Danielle Ronzo

Typography 2

Kinetic Typography

design by Jordan Aleman (sound and motion graphics)
design by Taylor McCormick
design by Larae Smith

Non-Western Typography

above designs by Keri Behles

3D Typography

designs above by Danielle Ronzo (Days), Melissa Engh (Glory Sound), Ghofran Khoj (The Sky), Patchanit Sriviroch (Neo City), Larae Smith (MTV), Erica Plotnikiewicz (G-Eazy), Nicole Heligman (True Colors), Jordan Aleman (Good Faith), Mai Reyna (“Drunk”), Taylor McCormick (Selena), and Monica Suarez Argudin (Jazz)

Annual Reports

above designs by Ghofran Khoj (Levi’s), Patchanit Sriviroch (Pencils), Mai Reyna (Uniqlo), Keri Behles (Urban), Monica Suarez Argudin (IKEA)

Typography 1

Applied Vernacular Typography

Menu Redesign

Branding Tampa’s Bayshore Boulevard Linear Park

above designs by Payton Astin (wave), Patchanit Sriviroch (tree), Ricardo Da Silva Alexandre (black), Conner Greene (nautical flags), Monica Suarez Argudin (5 & 7K), Alanna Johns (balustrade, upper pin), Maria McGee (lower pin), and Lauren Lett (sun)

Dimensional Typography + Editorial Design

above designs by Ricardo Da Silva Alexandre (mustard), Aaliyah Pierre (plur), Samantha O’Donnell (trends), Taylor McCormick (universe), Mason Bray (ppice), Rachel Murphy (conspiracy), Alanna Johns (coffee), Danielle Ronzo (cigarettes), Jordan Aleman (tape), Imaeyen Effiong (cardboard), Lauren Lett (salt), Patchanit Sriviroch (ketchup), and Johanna Nimmo (pills)

Book Arts Studio tour field trip, guided by Dr. Richard Mathews and Carl Nudi

Special Projects/Independent Study

above designs by Imaeyen Effiong: illustrated, branded, and animated a comic series, conducted interviews, and designed a website with brand extensions for the comics

above designs by Patchanit Sriviroch: designed an app interface to help foreign tourists connect with locals and navigate Thailand, her home country

Graphic Design Portfolio 

SPARK tour field trip

Foundations: Digital Art

glitch art by Johanna Nimmo

sound art by Brooke Rogers, crew practice

zine by Dunnecia Moore

works by Mudashaer Wafaaili (zine), Alex McMurray (digital illustration), and Brianna Dresbach (poster)

BFA GD Capstone

Fall 2018, exhibition reception

McKenna Conner

iOS iPad UI

Lydia Tillet

Android mobile UI

Blaise Govatos

iOS mobile UI

Angela Lemp

iOS mobile UI

Fall 2019, exhibition reception
Fall 2019 defense presentations; additionally, each student completed an extensive process book documenting their research and project

Melissa Engh

Danielle Ronzo

Larae Smith

Patchanit Sriviroch

Spring 2020 BFA Graphic Design Senior Capstone

Capstone guest critique with Alex Coyle, Design Director at SPARK (screenshot taken with permission)

The tradition of publicly showing senior capstone projects in the Scarfone/Hartley Gallery was disrupted by COVID-19 in spring 2020, and The University of Tampa spring semester class of 2020 BFA Graphic Design capstone defense presentations were conducted virtually due to limited public audiences during COVID-19. Please join me in congratulating the seniors by perusing their defense videos.