student work

I have taught graphic design courses at the University of Tampa, the University of Florida, and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where I am a tenure-track faculty member. I have had the honor of working with students from over 20 countries and across the USA as a design educator since 2018. I have also served as Internship Coordinator and overseen numerous internships, including one where the student designed the Super Bowl LV host committee logo. Check out some of my students’ work below!

intermediate-level student work

User Interface and Experience Design

I walk my students through a UI design process and some UX methodologies. Students write project briefs and construct brand elements, app prototypes, and website prototypes based on the user personas they create from their user research. Students have small group critiques throughout the project to iterate their designs and concepts. Process posters and demo videos are used for final critique.

Product + Package + Brand

Students use digital fabrication tools to design and produce a product that they brand and package. Additionally, they write a fictional brand story and supplement the piece with at least two brand extensions.

The Graphic Enneagram

I am an enneagram type 8. The enneagram is a powerful tool that aids in self-awareness and team building. Since empathy is at the forefront of any good design, I created this introductory project to learn more about my students and for them to learn more about themselves and each other. Students are tasked with learning about and representing each of the 9 enneagram types as a cohesive visual system, and contextualizing their piece for real-world application.

Kinetic Typography

Non-Western Typography

Korean Typography Workshop

3D Typography

Annual Reports

beginner-level student work

Applied Vernacular Typography

Menu Redesign

Branding Tampa’s Bayshore Boulevard Linear Park

Dimensional Typography + Editorial Design

Book Arts Studio tour field trip, guided by Dr. Richard Mathews and Carl Nudi

Glitch Art

Sound Ethnography


Digital Illustration

44mm Apple Watch Digital Pets Apps (Design + Prototype)

advanced-level student work

Independent Studies


SPARK tour field trip

Senior Projects

Fall 2018, capstone exhibition reception

Fall 2019, capstone exhibition reception
Fall 2019 defense presentations; additionally, each student completed an extensive process book documenting their research and project

Spring 2020 capstone guest critique with Alex Coyle, Design Director at SPARK (screenshot taken with permission)

The tradition of publicly showing senior capstone projects in the gallery was disrupted by COVID-19 in spring 2020, and the capstone defense presentations were conducted virtually due to limited public audiences during COVID-19. (names shared publicly with permission)

  • Michael Acampora: defense video
  • Jordan Aleman: defense video
  • Monica Argudin: defense video
  • Imaeyen Effiong: defense video
  • Nicole Heligman: defense video
  • Kerry Hood: defense video
  • Taylor McCormick: defense video
  • Samantha O’Donnell: defense video
  • Erica Plotnikiewicz: defense video

Data Visualization + Dashboards