Hangul for the Waygookin

This app proposes a unique way for native English speakers to learn Hangul (Korean). The waygookin (foreigner) can learn the Korean alphabet, pronunciation, and how to read by practicing Korean terms derived from English. Users experience the 4 skills of language learning by reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Press play below to view the demo video.

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The Logo

HW logo

The H & W that form the logo emulate the letterforms in the Korean alphabet. The color palette of the interface provides a tranquilizing entrance for users as they begin learning.

Supplementary Tool

This is a demo of a supplementary learning tool for users to print, assemble, and practice some terms from the app. It covers the 10 basic vowels and 14 consonants of Korean. (music by BIGBANG) The following are terms and illustrations covered by the tool:


I designed the app after taking a beginner Korean class in Busan, South Korea. I organized a list of Korean terms derived from English with the help of my Korean friends. By practicing these familiar terms, I learned to read Korean. I created this mobile app concept to share that experience.