These projects entertain Hangul (Korean) typography. Hangul typefaces range from cute to calligraphic. I particularly like to play with Nanum Gothic, a sans-serif typeface with several fonts that mimic Helvetica.


Busan Cityscape

Photo by Christina Singer; Marine City, Haeundae, Busan, South Korea
마린시티, 해운대, 부산, 한국

If there was a city I could hold in the palm of my hand and jump in and out of, it would be Busan, South Korea.

I made this to test that theory…

project shared by Sagmeister
Busan Cityscape 3D print (마린시티, 해운대, 부산, 한국)
screens of 3D rendering (originally composed in Illustrator and modeled in Maya)

Nanum Gothic Extra Bold

displayed at the Fall 2018 UT Art+Design All Faculty Showcase at Scarfone/Hartley Gallery, 8/24–9/14

Nanum Gothic Extra Bold pressure print + letterpress edition, 6″ × 8″ prints

first run through the letterpress: laser cut elements of the Korean font Nanum Gothic Extra Bold
typesetting the name of the font for a second run through the letterpress